Office 365 University Promo Code 2016

Office 365 University Promo Code
Word 2016
Excel 2016
Powerpoint 2016
Onenote 2016
Outlook 2016
Access 2016
Publisher 2016
Onedrive 2016
Skype 2016
All new Office 2016 Apps included

Office 365 University

Microsoft Office 365 University is a specially designed Office pack for students 4-years subscription at student price. Can be installed in 2 devices PCs or Macs, Tablets or Phones.

Offer Price:

$79.99 for 4 Year Subscription

Note: Access and Publisher are available only for PCs.

Office 365 University includes

Create, Develop and Share effective documents with Word 2016.
Segregate your data to analyze with trendy graphs, a visual wonder to work using Excel 2016.
Make exceptionally well designed presentations using Powerpoint 2016. All new pre designed templates makes your work easier.
Note a thought, which you get every second in your mind. Make it a digital note using OneNote 2016.
Organize your inbox and sent mails using outlook 2016. Also segregate all your contacts from all devices and keep it up to date.
Create a personal local database and also a custom database app that makes your data secure and analyze faster.
Publish all your assignments, product data and project management reports using Publisher 2016.
Utilize 1TB of online cloud storage and make your office online, access your using OneDrive 2016 make your stuff more friendly.
Make calls to Mobiles and Landlines, get 60minutes of skype calling credits free

Office 365 University promo code

Using an Office 365 University promo code is the best way to make a purchase as it gives you maximum benefits. Office 365 University is a four-year subscription for students. It helps you get things done, complete projects, organize and do a lot more. The interesting thing is that this subscription comes at a low price for students. So, if you are a student, choosing this subscription gives you a great value for money. This popular software can be installed in 2 PCs, Macs or tablets as well as 2 phones. You can install them in iPad, Android, or Windows tablets.

Promo code for Office 365 University ensures that you get the low price for a great product. This subscription comes with fully installed applications. When you buy this software, you get the all new 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These are the applications which help you to create great documents, organize email, come up with great presentations, create custom database apps and do a lot of things. Since all the applications are the latest, you would be getting the best of the features. The current versions are for Office 2016 for Mac and Office 2016 for Mac.

When you choose Office 365 University promo code, you get to purchase the product a great price. Another great benefit when you choose Office 365 University is that you can always stay up to date. Microsoft is giving every new upgrade with this subscription. So, you do not have to worry about losing out on all the great new features that have been rolled out. Just update and you can access them immediately. As soon as the new version is available, you will be able to update the software on your PC, tablet or phone and you get to make the most of the applications available.

Using a promo code for Office 365 University is easy and this means that you get make great savings while purchasing the product. When you purchase Office 365 University, you can access your documents from anywhere. How is this possible? You get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for documents, photos, and videos. This ensures that you can edit and share them from anywhere, using any of your devices. Do you have a class soon and do you want to access the presentation? Or do you want to work on your project whenever you have free time? The cloud storage allows you to work on it any time and anywhere.

It is always recommended to choose Office 365 University promo code as you would be getting maximum savings when you make a purchase. When you buy this product, you would be getting Microsoft support. You can get help immediately from Microsoft-trained experts. You can choose phone or chat— all at no extra charge! Having difficulty upgrading your software? Want to know how to install the software in your new device? For all these problems and more, you can get in touch with Microsoft experts immediately and solve your problem right away.

When you buy Office 365 University, buy it with a promo code to get the maximum benefits. What is the difference between Office 365 University and Office 2016 suite? When you purchase Office 2016 as a one time purchase, you would not be able to install applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your computer. However, you would not be able to update your applications to the latest versions. In addition, you would not be getting other services such as cloud storage when you buy an office suite.

When you buy Office 365 University using a promo code or other means, you would be getting regular updates whenever there is a new version release. Unlike the Office suite, you would be able to install the applications in more than one system. This means that you would be getting a great value for money. As the Office University comes with a price cut, choosing this product is a great option if you are studying and want to make your documentation, editing and other work simple and easier. Since you can access it from multiple devices, choosing this product is a recommended.

Students planning to purchase the subscription of Office 365 University using promo code or coupons have doubts whether they can run this product without internet. This product can be run without the internet. Editing, creating and other operations can be performed without the internet. You would need internet to update the application, access cloud storage, change billing information and do other tasks. However, if you do not connect to the internet for a period of 39 days, your applications would go into reduced functionality mode, where you would be able to only edit and print documents, but not edit or create new docs. To reactivate, you have to again connect to the computer.

If you are confused about buying Office 365 University through a coupon or a promo code, ask yourself the following questions. Am I going to access the applications from multiple systems? Do I need regular updates? Will I benefit from OneDrive cloud storage where I can access the documents instantly? If you have answered yes to most of these questions, it’s time to get this product. What more? The product is coming at a discounted rate for students. Make the most of the opportunity by purchasing this product and make your editing work and documentation work super easy all through your student life.

Office 365 University is a subscription based model where you would be paying for product every month. Office 365 University is available for purchase instantly and promo codes ensure that you get a good price cut. As you would be paying every month, this plan is very easy on the pocket as the monthly amount is highly cost-effective. Compared to the number of documents you would be creating, editing in your college life, this is an investment which is worth.

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